Modified Table of Organization and Equipment

{Op4} Official Document

Active Roster Revised 01 January 2019

Viking Company,

1st Battalion-13th Infantry Regiment


Company Commander: CPT Loki
Company Executive Officer: 1LT Havoc*
Company First Sergeant: Vacant
Company FO/RTO: Vacant

Sniper Section
Team Leader: Vacant
Sniper: Vacant

1st Platoon

Platoon Leader: 2LT Gurky*
Platoon Sergeant:  Vacant
Platoon Medic: SSG Woodrat
Platoon FO/RTO: SGT Brandon

Vehicle Commander: SGT Aven
Driver: Vacant

1st Squad

First Squad Leader: SFC Bishop*

Alpha Team

Team Leader: SGT Smith
Automatic Rifleman: PV2 Revere
Assistant Automatic Rifleman: PV2 Shocky
Specialty Rifleman: CPL Ridley

Bravo Team

Team Leader: SGT Spitfire
Automatic Rifleman: SPC L.Wolfhaven
Assistant Automatic Rifleman: PV2 Irish
Specialty Rifleman: CPL Hayzee

Vehicle Commander: SSG MrRogers*
Driver: SPC Fish

3rd Squad

Third Squad Leader: Vacant

Alpha Team

Assistant Gunner: Vacant
Gunner: Vacant
Ammo Bearer: Vacant

Bravo Team

Assistant Gunner: Vacant
Gunner: Vacant
Ammo Bearer: Vacant

Vehicle Commander: Vacant
Driver: Vacant

173rd Recruit Platoon

1st Squad

Blue Team

Platoon Guide: Vacant

Recruit: Vacant
Recruit: Vacant
Recruit: Vacant
Recruit: Vacant

Green Team

Recruit: Vacant
Recruit: Vacant
Recruit: Vacant
Recruit: Vacant

-*Additional Duty Positions

Operations Officer:  1LT Havoc
Operations NCO: SFC Bishop
Assistant Operations NCO: SGT Cevet
Training Officer: 2LT Gurky
Training NCO: SFC Bishop
Recruiter: SGT Brandon
Recruiter: SGT Cevet
Intel Analyst: SSG MrRogers


Reserve: SGT ViperMcgee
Reserve: SGT Cevet
Reserve: SPC Dick
Reserve: PV2 McLovin
Reserve: PVT Eisenberg
Reserve: PVT HippoBreath

 Retired, But NOT Forgotten

  • MAJ Hollywood             SGT Shocky
    CPT BuhBye                SGT Cappy
    CPT DocJ                  SGT NastyNate
    CPT AceMan                CPL DoubleO 
    1SG Bushmaster            CPL Nightstalker  
    1SG West                  SPC Martijn
    SFC BadBlood              SPC Reaper
    SFC Strikor               PFC Scorp
    SFC Mcface                PFC Allan Poe
    MSG PowerTac              PV2 BloodHoundz
    MSG Soapy                 PV2 Bandito
    MSG Jen                   PV2 Porter
    MSG Delta                 PV2 Zoey
    SSG Joe Dirt              PV2 Generalissimo

This is a list of people from our origins

They are members that forged the path to {OP4}

They are not only old team members, they are our friends

13th Tactical Operations Company roots were forged in STO

Strike Tactical Operations