{Op4} Update 35

04 July 2017 – Happy Independence Day & ADEN Mission Live

We’re pleased to announce that SFC Bishop has released his new persistent cooperative force on force mission: ADEN (ADverse ENvironment) – Chernarus Summer. This mission is now running live 24 hours a day on our public server. Check it out! For a list of our Steam Workshop Addon/Mod Collections, please click on the Server Rules/Mods Tab.

July’s Public Server Days are the: 10th, 17th, 24th, and the 31st.
All operations will be conducted at 2000EST. Please Join us!

Public LFX – 03 July 2017 (ADEN – CHERNARUS SUMMER)


Armed forces from the Russian Federation have invaded and captured Chernarus, US Armed forces have secured a foothold in southern Chernarus and established a FOB (FOB VIKING) along with support from the USS Freedom off the southern coast of Chernarus. Objective is for US Forces to push all Russian Forces out of the Chernarus AO.

Dynamic front line, allows for assaulting any point along the line to push enemy forces back
Infantry Garrison/Patrols at every strong point (AO)
Armor/Vehicles in guard positions at every strong point
Armor Fortified (Heavy armor in guard positions with motorized vehicles in support)
Motorized Fortified (APC/IFVs in guard positions)
Static Weapon emplacements at every strong point
Reinforcements of various kinds will move to strengthen AO/strong points that have been weakened
Light (Russian Motorized GAZ/URAL)
Motorized (Russian Mechanized BTR/BMP)
Armor (Late T72, T80, T90)
Air Assault (Transport and Loiter. Mi24 Mi8)
Close Air Support (SU25)
Friendly Vehicle Tracking and Respawn system
Motorized: 1 Minute
Mechanized: 5 Minutes
Anti-Air: 5 Minutes
Armor: 5 Minutes
Transport Helicopters: 1 Minute
Attack Helicopters: 10 Minutes
Jets: 15 Minutes
Prebuilt standardized Loadouts for all units
Arsenal Available

PLANNED FEATURES (Not in order of Priority)
AA Positions all over map, with a focus near the front line
Artillery Positions all over the map, with scripted Artillery support at active strong points/AOs
Rally point system for friendly units to quickly move back to their group
Op4 only access from FOB -> Carrier and from Carrier -> FOB
Op4 only hidden vehicle/equipment stash
Custom AA Vehicle due to lack of AA options currently available. Eg. HEMMT with Carrier AA Weapons
Intel System that can lead to side objectives -> AA sites / Vehicle depots / helo depots (FARPS) / command posts / supply depots / artillery batteries / Radar sites / mortar pits
Scaled difficulty dependent on active players

Fish has been promoted from Private Second Class to Private First Class. Congratulate him.

Generalissimo has joined the {Op4} Team and have been assigned to the 173rd Recruit Platoon. Welcome him!

{Op4} is always looking for new members to join our ranks, for more information about joining, click on the Recruiting Tab.

Posted by 2LT Gurky on Tuesday, 04 July 2017 – 2200