{Op4} Update 16 March 2019

Training Cycle 2019A Continued

Platoon Live Fire Exercise – 11 February 2019

Training is ramping up, as we have moved from team, to squad-level training within Viking Company, 1st Platoon. This month’s lanes will include Battle Drills, Vehicle Engagement/Gunnery, Support Asset Integration, and Battlespace Control for Headquarters.

We have officially made the switch from Task Force Radio, back to ACRE to better support our future operations.


Viper has returned to the {Op4} Team after returning from a deployment in the desert. He is currently awaiting assignment for 1st Platoon, 1-13INF. Welcome him back..

Antonovich has joined the {Op4} Team and has been assigned to the 173rd Recruit Platoon. Welcome him!

{Op4} is always looking for new members to join our ranks; for more information about joining, click on the Recruiting Tab.

Posted by 2LT Gurky on Saturday, 16 March 2019 – 1720