{Op4} Update 05 May 2018

Training Cycle 2018A and New Recruits

Public Server Live Fire Exercise – 15 April 2018

SFC Bishop’s persistent cooperative game mode ADEN (ADverse ENvironment) for Altis is running on our ARMA III Public Server 24 Hours a day! Check it out! For more information, please click on the Server Rules/Mods Tab.

May’s Public Server Days are the: 7th, 10th, and the 21st.
All operations will be conducted at 2000EST. Please Join us for coordinated operations!

Revere, Mclovin, Maliphos, and Dart have joined the {Op4} Team and have been assigned to the 173rd Recruit Platoon. Welcome them!

{Op4} is always looking for new members to join our ranks; for more information about joining, click on the Recruiting Tab.

Spitfire and Smith have been promoted from Specialist to Sergeant. Congratulate Them!

Posted by 2LT Gurky on Saturday, 05 May 2018 – 1345