The 6th Virtual Marine Air Wing, started in late 2017, is the aviation branch of the Opposing Force {Op4} Gaming Community. Some {Op4} Members enjoy combat air simulation such as DCS and Falcon BMS. We decided to make an expansion, and create a branch, attached to our core community. We use DCS World as our base platform, and primarily use the F/A18 as our primary aircraft, though we have extended responsibilities with other aircraft built into our roster. In addition to DCS World, many of our members actively fly Falcon BMS, among other simulators. We enjoy learning and working together to achieve a high level of proficiency in our operations and training.

Recruitment is now open for pilots of all skill levels, though we primarily fly the F/A18 and Harrier, we will consider pilots of other airframes (F-15C, others) on a case by case basis!

-LTC MrRogers, Wing Commander.

A10C Training Flight – 14 April 2018

Join our Discord for more more information! {Op4} Gaming Official Discord.